Bucket elevators





PKA bucket elevators PKA Capacity from 20 t/h do 300 t/h for wheat with density of 750 kg/m3 PKA type bucket elevators are designed for vertical transport of grain, granulates, seeds, biomass and other bulk materials. They are used in the process lines of grain storage facilities, feed mixing plants, mills, biomass warehouses, oil mills and the like. 





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PKA bucket elevators are made of high quality Swedish steel sheet. They are equipped with gear motor manufactured by the company NORD – the leader in the drives industry. The inlets and outlets in the head and the foot are lined with abrasion resistant material and the drive belt is characterised by high tensile strength. PKA elevators guarantee reliability and safe and lasting operation. It can be customized to an explosion proof version according to the ATEX directive for the use in areas exposed to dust.  


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