Furnaces for dryers with heat exchanger

PNP furnaces for dryers with heat exchanger

When drying cereals, maize, rapeseed, etc., it is necessary to supply clean hot air – free from combustion gases – to the drying column, this can only be ensured by a PNP furnace with heat exchanger. We offer PNP furnaces with the power capacities from 350kW to 2500kW, and when using more than only one furnace of this kind with the dryer, the heating power may reach up to 10 MW. The furnace is characterized by high efficiency, failure-free operation and durability; the heat exchanger and the combustion chamber are made of acid-proof chrome-nickel steel sheet and the housing is made of galvanized steel sheet. They can be equipped both with oil and natural gas or LPG burners. They are used for all types of vacuum dryers with exhaust fans.


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