batch dryers





Capacity: from 79 t/24h to 148 t/24h For wheat when drying from 19% to 15%

Intended use: Batch dryers are designed for drying all types of cereal grain, rapeseed, maize and sunflower.


The drying process in batch dryers is divided into four stages: loading, drying, cooling and unloading of grain. Depending on the dryer model, dried grain may recirculate in the drying column, it can also be cleaned in the aspiration chamber installed on the roof of the dryer. S2 batch dryers ensure low operation costs. Optimally matched parameters of exhaust fans ensure drying efficiency at the lowest cost of electricity consumption. S2 dryers guarantee comfort and simplicity of operation. After setting the drying time, the dryer will switch to the cooling mode; the controller can also be set to automatic recirculation cycles of the dried grain.  




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