continuous flow dryers with exhaust fans



Capacity: from 7.5 t/h do 108 t/h For wheat when drying from 19% to 15%


In that  dryer the heated air is sucked by exhaust fans located on the wall of the outlet canal. The number of fans depends on the size of the drying column.  Dryers with exhaust fans ensure low operating costs. Optimally matched parameters of exhaust fans ensure drying efficiency at the lowest cost of electricity consumption. Recurrence of the dryer elements, its compact construction and simplicity ensure flexibility of pricing when preparing a quotation. Optionally, a dryer may be equipped with silencers, which will considerably reduce the noise caused by operation of the fans. Grain is safe thanks to the system of automatic control of the drying process and smooth adjustment of parameters. The operation of the dryer is simple and comfortable.

Dryers are made of high quality Swedish steel. In the standard offer are coated with a unique coating Galfan an alloy of zinc and aluminum with the addition of rare earth elements (La and Ce). Galfan coating ensures several times better durability and resistance to corrosion than typically used in the market galvanized coating.


Comparison of the coating after 6 years of exploitation:

galfan rysunek






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