continuous flow with dust reduction and recuperation



Capacity: from 22.5 t/h do 94 t/h For wheat when drying from 19% to 15%

 In that dryer (with recuperation) the heated air is sucked in by a dust reducing centro separator which extracts the air that is going out of the dryer from dust, and additionally part of the heated air after it passes through the grain, is reverted using canals back to the heated air chamber where it is mixed with the heated clean air from the outside and then again it passes through the grain dried in the dryer.

Dryers ensure reduction of the costs of drying. Hot air recirculation system with an additional exhaust fan reverts part of the hot air, after it passes through the grain, back to the inlet channel so that it can be re-used. Each column is fully insulated with mineral wool and trapezoidal sheets, which perfectly influences the reduction of thermal losses during the drying process. Operation of the dryer is comfortable thanks to its easy operation and reliable automation.

Dryers are made of high quality Swedish steel. In the standard offer are coated with a unique coating Galfan an alloy of zinc and aluminum with the addition of rare earth elements (La and Ce). Galfan coating ensures several times better durability and resistance to corrosion than typically used in the market galvanized coating.


Comparison of the coating after 6 years of exploitation:

galfan rysunek



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