hopper bottom with walls from flat steel sheets





Load capacity:  from 70 t to 650 t

Intended use: They are designed mainly for short-term storage of grain or they can be used after technological processes, such as drying or cleaning of all types of grain.

Hopper bottom silos, depending on the hopper angle, may store dry or wet grain. Silos designed for storage of wet grain have special reinforced construction of the side surface. 

Silos are made of high quality Swedish steel. In the standard offer are coated with a unique coating GALFAN an alloy of zinc and aluminum with the addition of rare earth elements (La and Ce). GALFAN coating ensures several times better durability and resistance to corrosion than typically used in the market galvanized coating.


Comparison of the coating after 6 years of exploitation:

galfan rysunek


Flat steel sheet ensures a stable and robust construction that is resistant to deformations, which is distinguished by the thickness of the silo walls. Flat steel sheet minimizes the build-up of dust and grain on the inner walls of the silo. The hopper discharge is convenient in operation as the silo empties itself by gravity, there is no need to empty the silo of the grain remaining after unloading. Sealed construction keeps water out of the silo, and the specially sealed joints between the sidewalls and screw elements provide a waterproof silo shell.



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