Flat bottom silos from corrugated steel sheets

Rysunek tytułowyWhat makes the Farma line silos distinguished in the market?


The silo construction ensurin safety of storage and longevity of use:


High quality Swedish steel sheet


 Stiffness of the silo mantle thanks to the use of corrugated sheet steel – every rolling strengthens the  material and makes it resistant to denting it


Covering the sheet steel with GALFAN coating – zinc and aluminium alloy protects the steel in every condition better than the standard zinc coating and creates better forming properties


Corrugated sheet reflects the sun rays, which prevents  the silo from heating up too much


Tight construction of the silo roof – protects against the ingress of water into the silo


Tight construction of the silo mantle – specially sealed joints of the side surface and of the screw


Active conditioning system for the grain in the silo


High quality Swedish steel sheet

– allows for the air to flow through the stored grain, replaces the traditional grain maintenance method involving shovelling

– protects against accumulation of moisture under the roof thanks to the Turbowent exhaust head installed on the roof of the silo


Easy and quick installation of the silo – possibility to be installed by the buyer


The highest value for money ratio – The farma line silos are the BEST products in terms of quality at a reasonable price.