Bucket elevators

rysunek podnośnikPURPOSE   Bucket elevators are designed for vertical transport of all kinds of cereal, rape, maize grains, and leguminous plant seeds. They are used there, where it is necessary to raise the transported material at a certain height. They are ideal for filling grain silos, dryers, cleaning machines, and other containers for grain.   PARTICULAR FEATURES  

  • made from high-quality zinc-coated Swedish steel, and their subassemblies are connected using screw joints
  • counter-return coupling (brake), protecting against return movement of loaded buckets in case of power failure etc.
  • drive belt of elevator is made from interleaving material of high tensile strength
  • deep, durable, pressed steel buckets Super Starco, assuring loading of maximum amount of grain. This decreases the operating costs at maintaining maximum efficiency
  • gear motors supplied by German company NORD.