flat bottom with walls from corrugated steel sheets




Load capacity: 100 t – 16 000 t

Intended use: : Long-term storage of dry grain: cereals, oilseed rape, maize, legumes and other bulk materials

Silos are made of high quality Swedish steel. In the standard offer are coated with a unique coating Galfan an alloy of zinc and aluminum with the addition of rare earth elements (La and Ce). Galfan coating ensures several times better durability and resistance to corrosion than typically used in the market galvanized coating.


Comparison of the coating after 6 years of exploitation:

galfan rysunek

 They are characterized by stiffness of the silo side surface thanks to the use of corrugated steel sheet – every process of rolling strengthens the material and makes it resistant to denting.  Tight construction protects against the ingress of water inside the silo and special sealing of the side surfaces joints and bolted joints ensure tightness of the silo side surface. The unique seal provides a specially made connecting the side walls and the screw elements.

The containers are involved in the active system of grain ventilation, the use of the turbowent extraction head on the silo roof prevents accumulation of moisture.







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